emoji planet slot review

Emoji Planet Slot Review

Yes! What is shaping up to be one of the defining movies of a generation has its own slot machine coming out, and boy is it epic (note: only one of those statements is true, and it is the one about the slot machine)

How to Play Emoji Planet

emoji planet slotThe Emoji Planet slot machine is a 5 reel, 6 row slot. There is no payline structure in place, instead the slot pays out in clusters. More on that in a short while. The minimum bet per spin is 20p. The maximum is £200 per spin.

The Emoji Planet slot is based upon the Emoji Movie. We can’t tell you how closely the slot machine is related to the movie, but it must come close, right? Anyway, the slot does look decent.

The emojis have a bit of…emotion to them. It is well animated. The features, which we will discuss in a short while, even tie into the whole emoji theme which is something that we genuinely love. We know that there are several people out there who will be put off by the theme of the game, just because it is tied into the movie, but do not. The slot is 100% better than anything you will have ever played before. Sure, the movie does seem that good, but ignore that.

In terms of who this game is aimed at, we reckon that everybody should be able to get something from it. Both experienced and new players. The game is simple to understand, but there are several features in place which you will enjoy and you may not have encountered before.

Feel like playing on your mobile or tablet? NetEnt have never really made a terrible mobile slot, and the Emoji Planet mobile slot machine is no exception to that rule. It plays tremendously well. 

We are talking smooth gameplay, colourful imagery, and an all-round fun time. While we are the type of people that are always going to spend most of their time playing the slot on a desktop computer, we can certainly vouch for how good this game is to play ‘on the go’.

Emoji Planet Game Features

emoji slots pizza featureAs we mentioned previously; this slot does not pay out by lines. It pays out by cluster. If you get at least five of the same symbol in a cluster, you get a payout. This is one of those slots where there is not a reel system in place as such. Instead, if you score a win, the symbols will disappear. New ones will fall into place. There is the possibility to win multiple times on a single spin. This is the type of thing that we genuinely love!

As you play the game, you will notice an emoji meter. As each emoji on the reels are destroyed (i.e. when you get a win), the emoji meter will go up by 1. There are 12 notches on the emoji meter, and five different ones to fill up. The feature triggered will be dependent on the emoji meter you fill. Yes, that sounds complicated, but when you play the game it really is not:

emoji planet online slot machine by netent 2017

Emoji Planet Gets The Thumbs Up From Us!

emoji planet slot monkeyThe Emoji Planet slot is wonderful. It is the type of game that provides enjoyment on every single spin. We know that the movie that it is tied into is probably not all that good, so put the idea of the Emoji Movie to one side at the moment.

Instead, focus on how great this concept is as a slot and you got an awesome game on your hands.  We are positive that this is one that you will be playing for years. We certainly will be!

If you want to play the Emoji Planet slot machine, and we are positive that you do, then head to one of the NetEnt casino sites below. We have personally vetted these, so we know that they are going to be a fantastic place for you to play! They all offer several different bonuses too which comes in very handy. 

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